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BOBO VR Z6 Bluetooth 3D Glasses Virtual Reality Box Google Cardboard Stereo Mic Headset Helmet for 4.7-6.5″ Smartphone+Joystick

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    Original BOBOVR Z6 Virtual Reality Wireless Bluetooth 3D Glasses Box VR Google Cardboard Stereo Mic Headset Helmet for IOS Android 4.7-6.5″ Smartphone+Joystick
      BOBOVR Original Authentic  
    Designed for large screen Smartphones:
    Non-full screen mobile phone: Fit for 4.7-6.3″
    Full screen mobile phone: Fit for 4.7-6.5″
    Bluetooth Wireless, 3D Stereo with Mic, KTV Sound Effect
    Folding and Portable, Vision adjustment: Hyperopia 200° to myopia 400°
    3D IMAX,800″ Giant Screen, Immersive Gaming Experience
    Compatible with smartphone system:For Android 4.4 or above, For IOS 8 or above
    BOBOVR Z6 Glasses Built in Large Capacity Lithium Battery: 350mAh
    Built-in Microphone
    “only Z6 VR Glasses” Option: Only one BOBO Z6 VR Glasses
    Z6 VR +052 Gamepad” Option: Include one BOBO Z6 VR Glasses + one 052 Gamepad (As Package A)
    Z6 VR +050 Gamepad” Option: Include one BOBO Z6 VR Glasses + one 050 Gamepad (As Package B)
    Package List:
    1 x BOBO VR  Bluetooth 3D Glasses
    1 x Warranty Card
    1 x User Manual
    1 x Cleaning Cloth
    1 x Gamepad  (“only Z6 VR Glasses Option” not include) (“Z6 VR+050 Gamepad Option” is 050 Gamepad) (“Z6 VR+052 Gamepad Option” is 052 Gamepad)
    Tips: “only 050 Gamepad” Option: It is Only one MOCUTE 050 Gamepad
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    product description
    BOBOVR Z6 Bluetooth 3D Glasses / VR Glasses 
    Bluetooth 4.2V
    Built in Large Capacity Lithium Battery: 350mAh
    Working time up to 25hours
    Wide-Usage: Compatible with smartphone system:For Android 4.4 or above,For IOS 8 or above
    360° three-dimensional immersive
    Compatible Phone Screen size:Designed for large screen phones
    Non-full screen mobile phone: Fit for 4.7-6.3″
    Full screen mobile phone: Fit for 4.7-6.5″
    Viewing effect: Equivalent to 3m, watching 1050 inch screen
    Product Size: 19.8*16.3*12.5cm
    Media format: WAV
    Object distance, IPD, one button adjustable
    3D IMAX,800″ giant screen, KTV Sound Effect
    Headphone version panorama VR
    Comfortable to wear, new standard for audiovisual
    Smooth high resolution audio driver
    The sound is more stretched and the bass is thicker.
    More shocking than 3D movies
    Binocular independent imaging, in line with the principle of human eye 3D imaging
    High quality color and brightness
    Good sound insulation, strong bass, help you judge the enemy position by sound
    Watch big movies,Inciting body and mind,Immersive
    360° surround sound field effect
    Independent design of bilateral surround special effects sound cavity
    Binaural 360° surround sound,Sound effects, tri-band sound
    Humanized earmuff design,Folding earmuffs
    Round and full, comfortable and generous
    Ergonomic headband design,Wear it for a long time, don’t feel uncomfortable
    Enjoy 3D movies, games,Panoramic roaming
    Fully immersive viewing angle
    Leahter mask, Comfortable to wear and easy to clean
    Multi-functional user-friendly design
    Adsorption detachable front panel,Enhance heat dissipation, not sultry
    Easy to install and pick up
    Independent lens adjustment
    Double lens independent design
    52mm high-definition large lens
    Vision adjustment range: Hyperopia 200° to myopia 400°
    No need to wear extra glasses, The viewing effect is very clear
    Comfortable viewing angle,Immersive feeling
    Outdoor, travel can also enjoy 3D movies
    Enjoy different happiness,Family viewing pleasure
    Exciting gaming experience
    Stimulating game,Interaction with family
    Installation APP, more wonderful
    052 Multi-function wireless rocker
    Rocker Size: 116x36x42mm
    Battery: Alkaline AAA 1.5V x2 (not include)
    Support for IOS Android PC
    Wireless: Bluetooth 3.0 compliant
    Ergonomic design
    Flat displacement rocker,Easy one-hand precision control
    Anti-slip, sweat-wicking design on the back
    Silicone keys,Life expectancy can reach millions of times
    Remote control,Game Joystick,Mouse function,One-button switching
    Silicone keys,Life expectancy can reach millions of times
    360 degree array rocker
    Adopting two-way High speed and precision integrating circuit,Precise operation
    Mouse functionality (only supports Android)
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    050 Multi-function wireless rocker
    Made of high quality material, very durable.
    Ergonomics design for comfortable and enjoyable play.
    Support for Android 3.2 above, for iOS 7.0 ~9.2 and for Windows operate sysytem and so on.
    Built-in wireless Bluetooth 3.0, can support 2~10 meters wide range of control from the operation.
    Built-in lithium battery(400mAh), after charging, it can be sustainable of 40 hours, safe and stable.
    Used for mobile phone, MID, TV box(which can support bluetooth function), smart TV, PC, etc.
    Flexibility, precision, comfort, easy to control.
    Compact and portable.
    Smartphone becomes 1 second Game machine
    Supports the vast majority of games:
    App store: such as for Gunman Clive, for Helium Boy, for League of Evil League of Evil 2, for Muffin Knight Free Stardash, for Temple the Run, and so on. 
    Android: for Wild blood, for Dungeon Hunter, for Zombie, for FC simulator, for Shadow gun, for Riptide GP, etc. 
    Mode Note:
    A: for Android Gamepad/for iOS iCade
    B: for Android Baofeng Mojing Mode
    X: for iOS NEWGAME Mode
    Y: for Android MTK/PC
    Brand: MOCUTE
    Model: 050
    Material: ABS
    Wireless Protocol: Bluetooth 3.0 compliant
    Wireless Distance: Up to 10 meters
    OS: for Android, for IOS, PC/win
    Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery 400mAh,3.7V.
    Working Time: About 40 Hours
    Recharging Current: 5V, Less than 300 mA
    48 precision processes
    Immersion Gold craft high quality circuit board
    Bionic design concept
    256-segment high-sensitivity sensing
    Accurately identify press force and speed
    Make the game more enjoyable
    360° rocker, 0 dead angle
    Regional positioning with an accuracy of up to 0.015°
    Soft touch, non-slip design
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